Multi-state Foreclosure Settlement

Information regarding the mutli-state settlement involving the nation's five largest mortgage servicers can be found at In addition, the Office of the Attorney General has provided an FAQ containing additional information about the agreement.

Consumers who believe they may be eligible for relief offered by the settlement should contact their respective mortgage servicer at the following telephone numbers:

  • Ally Financial Inc. – (800) 766-4622
  • Bank of America – (877) 488-7814
  • Citigroup – (866) 272-4749
  • JPMorgan Chase & Co. – (866) 372-6901
  • Wells Fargo & Co. – (800) 288-3212

State of Texas v. Patrick O’Connor & Associates, L.P. d/b/a O’Connor & Associates

The Office of the Attorney General filed a lawsuit against O’Connor & Associates in 2009 for alleged deceptive business practices. The case has been settled. As part of the settlement, O’Connor & Associates has agreed to change a number of its business practices. For more information on the terms of the settlement and the restitution process, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page about the settlement.

Consumer Protection

The Attorney General for the state of Texas protects consumers and the legitimate business community by filing civil lawsuits under the Deceptive Trade Practices Act and other consumer protection statutes.

Consumer complaints filed with this agency may form the basis for an investigation into a company's business practices. In some cases, significant numbers of complaints about a business may give rise to legal action, not on behalf of the individual complainants, but to enforce state law. The decision to investigate or file a lawsuit is based on a number of factors.

Lawsuits are filed on behalf of the state of Texas and the public good. This agency cannot represent individual consumers. Nevertheless, some legal actions do produce restitution for individual consumers.

Consumer education is a vital part of the Attorney General's mission. The best consumer protection is widespread public awareness of consumer rights and common scams. This website therefore offers information about a broad range of consumer issues.

Contact us if you cannot find the information you need on this website. Please understand that we are prohibited by law from providing legal representation, legal counsel, or interpretation or explanations of the law to private individuals and organizations.

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Revised: February 10 2012