Open Records Reports

The following is the 2012 biennial update from the Office of the Attorney General (the “OAG”) mandated by section 552.274(a) of the Public Information Act (the “Act”), Chapter 552 of the Government Code. The update covers the seven quarters that started on March 1, 2010, and ended on November 30, 2011. Results are based on the monthly information provided online to the OAG by state agencies, including state universities, as required by section 552.010 of the Government Code. Cumulatively, 57% of the agencies substantially complied with the reporting requirement, with 91% of those being fully compliant.

The online reporting form consists of 22 categories of public information that are commonly collected, assembled, or maintained by all state agencies in their course of business, plus an additional category titled “Other,” which is discussed later in this report, to be used to report information that is specific to the reporting agency.

This biennial update shows that reporting agencies fulfilled over 1.2 million requests, collected $3.08 million dollars in costs and fees related to providing public information under the Act, and spent over 19,200 hours of employee time fulfilling public information requests. Additionally, the reporting agencies state they requested a ruling from the OAG on whether information is excepted from disclosure under the Act less than 5,200 times, and spent a combined total of 10,817 hours of employee time redacting confidential information.

As stated above, the reporting form also has a category titled “Other” to allow agencies to tailor their reporting to capture information that is unique to them. Unfortunately, due to spelling errors, repeated categories, and misplaced punctuation, it is impossible to provide an accurate explanation of the kind of information reported in this category. We urge all agencies to review their entries to correct errors, consolidate similar categories, and report routine information within the categories already provided. Additionally, we again remind agencies that they must report on the nature of the information requested, not whether it exists on CDs, paper, or email. Also, responses to verbal requests, provision of blank forms and applications, and mass distributions of agency literature are not to be counted as “fulfilled requests.” Finally, pursuant to Open Records Decision No. 682 (2005), referrals to an agency website do not relieve an agency from its duty to fulfill a request for public information; thus, such referrals may not be counted as “fulfilled requests” for purposes of the monthly report.

Below are the results for each agency, shown by quarter. The information may be viewed by agency, as well as by reporting measure.

How to view the information

Cumulative results: There is a report Menu along the top of each page, starting with "Reports" and ending with "Redacting". Click on the link of the report you wish to view and then, using the drop-down box, select the year you want to view, then click the "Submit" button.

Individual agency results: Click on the specific report link. Using the drop-down box, choose the year and the agency you want, then click the "Submit" button.

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Revised: July 16, 2012