The Child Support Division is committed to helping survivors of family violence access child support services safely.


For many parents who have experienced family violence, child support represents an opportunity to establish and maintain economic stability.

At the same time, the child support process may introduce safety concerns for some victims. The Child Support Division has resources, policies and procedures in place to help.

How can I let the OAG know that my information needs to remain confidential?

There are many ways to notify our office that you have safety concerns and have a need to keep your information confidential.

If you are completing a child support application, you will notice there are 10 questions that help give our staff a better understanding of your circumstances. If you select “yes” for any of these questions, our staff will add an indicator to your case to alert all child support staff who work on your case in the future that your case involves family violence.

Another way to let us know you have safety concerns is to contact us. You can reach us by chat (click the chat icon in the lower right corner of your screen), or by phone at (800) 252-8014. Simply tell the agent assisting you, that you have safety concerns and they will walk you through the next steps.

**Please note: Safety concerns can be reported to us at any time.**

What happens after the OAG knows I have safety concerns?

Once you have notified us of your safety concerns a Family Violence Indicator is added to your case and a Request for Nondisclosure form will be sent to you. This indicator will ensure your contact information, such as your physical address, is not provided on documents from the Child Support Division and ensures our attorneys request that the court not include this information in your court orders. It is important to complete and return the Request for Nondisclosure. This form is a chance for you to give us details about your concerns to ensure each staff member who works your case is aware of your family violence circumstances. 

Also, for your safety, your case will be routed through the court process, where you and the other parent will not be required to discuss the terms of your order together.  This will also mean that we are unable to schedule your case for in-person negotiations with the other parent and it is possible we will be unable to schedule virtual negotiations. Please visit Preparing for Court and the Court Process on the Get Child Support Safely website for additional information.  

Will you share the information I share with you?

We take your safety concerns very seriously. The family violence information you provide is not shared with the other parent. This information helps us better understand your circumstances and may help ensure safety precautions are made available to you and the parties to your case.  

However, we need your help to ensure the court understands the specific safety concerns in your case. Our attorneys will request that the court not disclose contact information in your orders, but the court will need to hear information regarding these serious concerns from you for that to happen.

Get Child Support Safely

To learn more about safe access to child support services, visit This website will help you plan for your safety and make informed choices about pursuing child support.

Get Child Support Safely

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