Basic Info for Crime Victims

Apply for Crime Victims' Compensation

Crime Victims' Compensation: General Information English (PDF)

Crime Victims' Compensation: General Information Spanish (PDF)

Crime Victim Services Division: General Information (PDF)

The Rights of Victims of Crime in Texas (PDF)

Victim Information and Notification - VINE

Family Violence Brochure (PDF)

Administrative Appeals Process Brochure English (PDF)

Administrative Appeals Process Brochure Spanish (PDF)

Capital Punishment Appellate Guidebook English (PDF)

Capital Punishment Appellate Guidebook Spanish (PDF)

Useful Hotline Numbers Palm Card (PDF)

Materials/Publications Request Form (PDF)

Crime Victims' Compensation (CVC) Applications and Forms

Crime Victims’ Compensation Application - English (PDF)

Crime Victims’ Compensation Application - Spanish (PDF)

Note: You can also apply online.


Documenting Crime-Related Costs:

Attorney’s Statement Regarding Fees - English (PDF)

Attorney’s Statement Regarding Fees - Spanish (PDF)

Child Care Request Form - English (PDF)

Child Care Request Form – Spanish (PDF)

CMS 1500 Sample (PDF)

UB-O4 Sample (PDF)

Mental Health Form Sample (PDF)

Relocation Instructions - English (PDF)

Relocation and Rental Assistance Acknowledgment (PDF)

Relocation Expense Worksheet - English (PDF)

Relocation Letter of Intent - English (PDF)

Relocation Payment Affirmation - English (PDF)

Travel/Appointment Verification Information Form - English (PDF)

Travel/Appointment Verification Information Form - Spanish (PDF)

Sexual Assault Exam Reimbursement Application and Guidelines

Sexual Assault Exam Reimbursement Application (Law Enforcement Agency)(PDF)

Sexual Assault Exam Reimbursement Guidelines (PDF)

Law Enforcement Request for Sexual Assault Exam (PDF)

Address Confidentiality Program (ACP)

Address Confidentiality Program Application(PDF)

Address Confidentiality Program Brochure (PDF)

Address Confidentiality Checklist (PDF)

Sexual Assault Prevention and Crisis Services (SAPCS) Guidelines and Forms

Sexual Assault Nurse Exam (SANE) Certification:

SANE Certification Application - Initial (PDF)

SANE Certification Application Guide – Initial (PDF)

SANE Certification Application - Renewal (PDF)

SANE Certification Application Guide - Renewal (PDF)


Sexual Assault Training Program (SATP) Certification:

SATP Certification Application (PDF)

SATP Certification Application Guide (PDF)

SAPCS Minimum Service Standards Assurances Document (PDF)

SAPCS Minimum Service Standards Verification Form (PDF)

Pseudonym Forms

Pseudonym Form Instructions (PDF)

Pseudonym Form for Survivors (PDF)

History and Annual Reports

History of the Crime Victim Services Division (PDF)

2023 - Annual Report (PDF)

2022 - Annual Report (PDF)