The Criminal Prosecutions Division is composed of five Teams that provide assistance to local district and/or county attorneys when the county may not have the expertise or the resources available to investigate or prosecute a complex case or if a conflict of interest prohibits the local prosecutor from taking part in the case.

Three Teams of General Criminal Subject Matter

The three Teams specialize in handling complex criminal cases such as: murder, intoxication manslaughter, major assaultive offenses, sexual and physical abuse of children, child pornography, and various internet-related crimes against children.  In addition, these Teams prosecute cases that involve major fraud and white-collar crimes, public official corruption, open meetings and public information act criminal violations, and civil forfeiture of contraband.

Capital Murder Team

The Capital Murder Team focuses on cases that the State is seeking the death penalty as a sentence.  

Juvenile Crime Intervention Team

The Juvenile Crime Intervention Team provides assistance to law enforcement entities regarding juvenile crime issues, prosecutes juveniles, serves as a clearinghouse for information related to youth crime and its prevention, and maintains a gang information database that can be accessed by law enforcement agencies.  The Team also trains police officers, gang investigators, school officials, and others on gang recognition and gang activity. 

Additional Responsibilities of The Criminal Prosecutions Division

The Division is responsible for maintaining the Agency's criminal justice reporting system including: Custodial Death Reports, Asset Forfeiture Audit, and Officer Involved Shooting Reports which are submitted to the Office of the Attorney General through an online portal.  In addition, this Division investigates and litigates cases under section 552.321 - 3215 of the Texas Public Information Act, handles nuisance abatement cases, submits Border Security Reports to the Texas Legislature, and conducts a biennial audit of criminal cases investigated and/or prosecuted by the Texas State Securities Board.