Attorney General Paxton has agreed to a settlement agreement in principle with Volkswagen and Audi after the car manufacturers employed the use of illegal emission-evading technology in violation of Texas environmental laws. The settlement stipulates that the German companies pay a civil penalty of $85 million for their unlawful actions.  

“If a company thinks they will avoid accountability when they violate Texas laws, endanger Texans, and pollute our environment, they’re dead wrong. Volkswagen and Audi are finding that out the hard way, and now they are paying the price,” said Attorney General Paxton. “Not only did they break our environmental laws by employing illegal technology, but they also tried to avoid responsibility in Texas courts. My office successfully stopped those efforts. Now, we are taking the next step in enforcing the law. This settlement in principle will help guarantee that tens of millions of dollars are made available to benefit Texans, and it will send a clear signal discouraging any company contemplating illegal activity in the Lone Star State.”

The settlement will ensure that the companies—who installed the illegal technology in thousands of cars owned, operated, and serviced in Texas—pay for unlawfully polluting the air Texans breathe.