Attorney General Paxton has secured a victory in the New Orleans-based U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit while defending a Texas law that prohibits state funds from going to companies that boycott Israel.  

“Texas’s anti-boycott law is both constitutional and, unfortunately, increasingly necessary as the radical left becomes increasingly hostile and antagonistic toward Israel,” said Attorney General Paxton. “Though some wish to get rid of the law and see Israel fail, the State of Texas will remain firm in our commitment to stand with Israel by refusing to do business with companies that boycott the only democratic nation in the Middle East. In this case, I’m pleased to see the court recognize that the plaintiff lacked any standing to bring this challenge. Thus, our important law remains in effect, and I will continue to defend it relentlessly.”  

The Attorney General and Comptroller were sued over the law by an individual who made a number of incorrect claims alleging different harms, including erroneously asserting that the law violated the First Amendment. However, the Fifth Circuit rightly concluded that the individual lacked standing to bring the lawsuit, as he demonstrated no actual harms to himself or his constitutional rights.  

The Fifth Circuit’s ruling affirmed a district court’s decision to also dismiss the individual’s lawsuit due to a lack of standing.  

To read the full court opinion, click here.