After a successful 17-state coalition obtained an apology from the National School Boards Association (NSBA), Attorney General Ken Paxton continued to push back to hold the Biden Administration accountable for colluding with the NSBA after threatening parents’ First Amendment rights.

“Free speech is a critical part of our constitution. It’s a human right to be heard, to be understood, and to be respected,” Attorney General Paxton said. “Parents are responsible for their child’s safety, well-being, and what that child is taught. The Biden Administration has failed our country by targeting concerned parents and I am dedicated to protecting the freedom and rights of every Texan.”

Attorney General Paxton sent two letters to both the Biden Administration and the NSBA demanding a series of actions. Paxton and fellow attorneys general demanded that the Biden Administration revoke its threats to deploy the FBI nationwide to watch and control parents’ interactions with school officials. They also called upon both the Biden Administration and the NSBA to release documents that may demonstrate their collusion against concerned parents.

Read the letter to the Biden Administration here.

Read the letter to the NSBA here.