The Open Records Division (ORD) is authorized to review and approve custom course materials created by other entities to provide training under section 552.012(d) of the Public Information Act (PIA) (“12(d) training course”) and section 551.005(b) of the Open Meetings Act (“5(b) training course”).

Applicants seeking approval of a custom 12(d) or 5(b) training course must complete an online application and submit copies of their training course materials to the ORD for review.

The online application to provide a custom 12(d) or 5(b) training course is available here and is only for those who have created custom course materials to train others.

Notice to Applicants: All applications and course materials submitted to the ORD by an Applicant are subject to disclosure under the Texas PIA, Chapter 552 of the Government Code. The ORD will not accept applications that include information alleged by the Applicant to contain material that is proprietary, confidential or otherwise subject to an exception from public disclosure under the PIA. Any materials provided to the ORD that are marked as confidential, proprietary, or otherwise alleged to be excepted from public disclosure will be returned to the Applicant without review.